Cotmullion Foxglove (AR0996) 05/05/05 Bay Filly


    Great Grand Sire
   Grand Sire New Park Commander (003360)
  New Park Burlington Bertie (003739)  Great Grand Dam
    Sire New Park Royal Burr (012237)
  Acer of Glebe (004260)   Great Grand Sire
   Grand Dam New Park Primo (003359)
  Dasiy of Glebe (014370)  Great Grand Dam
Cotmullion Foxglove (AR0996)   Tomasina of Glebe (013300)
  Great Grand Sire
   Grand Sire Ron of North-Wells (001989)
  New Park Primo (003359)  Great Grand Dam
   Dam Lakehead Pearl (010835)
  Kerswell Tiffany (016743)   Great Grand Sire
   Grand Dam Dormouse of Glebe (003158)
  Tomasina of Glebe (013300)  Great Grand Dam
          Princess of Gravens (011311)

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