Hawsker Heather (AQ1542) 01/06/04 Bright Bay Filly


    Great Grand Sire
   Grand Sire Spinner of Marshwood (001998)
  Fairy Cocktail (003664)  Great Grand Dam
    Sire Fallacy of Wetherden (005866)
  Artem Tassel (004188)   Great Grand Sire
   Grand Dam Fandango of Wetherden (002424)
  Kington Clover (016485)  Great Grand Dam
Hawsker Heather (AQ1542)   Becky Sharpe (007210)
  Great Grand Sire
   Grand Sire Birling Benjamin (003985)
  Kerswell Peppercorn (004344)  Great Grand Dam
   Dam Brabdon Hazy Harlequin (015418)
  Shambles Katerina Ballerina (AG0071)   Great Grand Sire
   Grand Dam Vorden Dark Mulberry (003021)
  Tanyard Bonny (016642)  Great Grand Dam
          Voden Marguerite (012815)

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